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Pressing the "I" key will access the player's inventory. Unlike many games where any one item fits in a single slot, Fragmented has items that can take up multiple slots, thereby addressing the issue of how much a character can carry by the size of the item, rather than weight. If a player crafts an item while their inventory is full, it is dropped to the ground and the player receives a message that their inventory is full. 

New inventory

It may not nessessarily be full however if the player sees empty slots. Players may be able to re-arrange the current items to create more space in a specific section, allowing for the crafted item to be picked up. This can be done by clicking and dragging the items in the inventory to any empty location that it fits in. To pick up an item off the ground, place the reticle on your screen over the item and press "E" when prompted. d

Players can also craft bags, provided they have put points into Textiles and learned the recipes and expand their inventory space.