Fragmented is a Sci-Fi survival game developed by Above and Beyond Technology, the same studio that developed The Repopulation. The game takes place prior to The Repopulation timeline but rather than being an MMO, it is single player and co-op. Players will be able to play offline, on official servers, in a LAN network with a host, or rent a private game server from one of several hosting companies (similar to ARK or RUST). Player modding (Steam Workshop) is not yet available but the studio plans to allow it in the future.


Survival RPG/Shooter game developed by Above and Beyond Technology, the creators of The Repopulation. It is based on the Unreal Engine. The gameplay and features will feel very familiar to players of ARK: Survival Evolved. The environment is very earth-like with the exception of oddly colored blue bushes and the currently limited variations of wildlife. The only clue that the player’s character came from elsewhere is the open cryo/escape pod near the spawn point.

Alien humanoids (Lurkers) also roam the planet surface and are hostile (as well as skinnable and provide meat). Crafting is similar to that of many current survival games although still a bit undeveloped. The game is available to play on Steam Early Access and players can play offline, on the official servers or rent a host server and set their own rules. There are both single and multi players modes as well as PVP and PVE rulesets.

Development history

The staff of Above and Beyond Technology learned of economic trouble concerning the contract involving Idea Fabrik and the HeroEngine (and possibly a third party) back in October of 2015. Unable to come to a resolution, The studio pulled The Repopulation from Steam in December. The devs had made the decision to move to the Unreal Engine but in order to figure out how best to port the game to the new platform, they chose to create a 'prequel' game of sorts based completely on Unreal Engine. This gave birth to the survival game Fragmented. The studio plans to use their experiences learned from developing Fragmented to help them eventually re-release The Repopulation. Players who had been given access to The Repopulation either through Kickstarter backing or had paid for early access, were given a copy of Fragmented for free.





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